Magal India at a Glance

MAGAL SECURITY SYSTEMS (INDIA) LTD., is a leading provider of integrated security solutions, specializing in protecting critical infrastructure across India and internationally. Established in 2012 as a joint venture between Magal Security Systems of Israel and Veecon Group of India, MSS India offers a comprehensive suite of security products and services.

  • End-to-end turnkey solutions

  • Advanced C5I platform

  • Seamless integration of best-of-breed subsystems

  • Full ownership of the entire project lifecycle

Why Magal Group

With over 50 years of proven experience, Magal specializes in designing and delivering end-to-end turnkey solutions for the seaport, border, oil & gas, and critical infrastructure sectors.

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  • 50

    Over 50 years of proven experience

  • 100

    Installations in over 100 countries

  • 2500

    Over 2500 projects worldwide

Served Sectors


Cost-Effective Integration

Our extensive experience tackles complex multi-vendor integration challenges, delivering cost-effective solutions that enhance your security performance.

Collaborative Approach

We work closely with security consultants to assess your specific needs, existing infrastructure, and operational requirements.

End-to-End Security Solutions

We develop comprehensive security solutions specifically designed to address vulnerable outdoor areas according to your unique situation.

Tailored Security Expertise

Leveraging years of experience and technical knowledge, we tailor our solutions to seamlessly align with your security risk analysis, plans, policies, and procedures.

Beyond Equipment

We provide comprehensive training for your team, take full responsibility for installation, and continuously update and refine our proactive security approach.

Seamless Integration

Our customized solution fully integrates with existing or future third-party systems, maximizing effectiveness and efficiency.