FiberPatrol FP1150

Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection System for Fence, Wall, and Buried Applications

FiberPatrol FP1150 is a perimeter intrusion detection system that can be fence-mounted, buried, or deployed in a wall-top configuration. It can also be used to protect data conduits and buried pipelines. Advanced adaptive signal processing along with certified SMS/VMS integration options ensure the highest level of security and performance.


Detection Capabilities

  • Detects and locates perimeter intrusions over distances of up to 80 km (49.7 mi) per processor
  • Pinpoints intrusions with a +/-4 m (13 ft) accuracy
  • Flexible, software-based zoning
  • Accurately detects and locates multiple simultaneous intrusions
  • Reports alarms by zone number, cable distance and/or GPS coordinates.

Performance Features

  • Supports virtually all fence types
  • If sensor cable is cut, detection continues up to cut location
  • Full cut-immune configuration available
  • Reliably detects intrusions in the presence of non-localized environmental noise

Fiber Optic Benefits

  • No powered or conductive items required in the field
  • Immune to EMI and lightning, intrinsically safe in explosive atmospheres
  • Long sensor cable service life (25+ years)
  • Unused fibers can be reused for other applications
  • Possible to use sensor cable with fire ratings such as LSZH, fire retardant, and fire resistant

How It Works

The FiberPatrol FP1150 works by transmitting pulses of laser light into a single-mode optical fiber and accurately measuring the minute light reflections that occur along its length. A disturbance of the fiber caused by fence vibrations changes the amount of light returned from that point. FiberPatrol’s reflectometry-based technology does not require the light to traverse the full length of cable. If a cable is cut, FiberPatrol retains the ability to detect and locate intrusions up to the point of the cut, thus enabling the system to support cut-immune configurations.