A pioneering perimeter intrusion detection solution that combines robust security with aesthetic appeal.

Innofence features an elegant design that seamlessly integrates into various landscapes while housing advanced security capabilities. Equipped with cutting-edge fiber optic sensors embedded within the fence, Innofence instantly triggers alarms at the slightest sign of intrusion. It offers adjustable sensitivity levels and maintains a negligible False Alarm Rate. Innofence’s customized design ensures immunity to nuisance alarms caused by disturbances, delivering a bespoke security solution tailored to specific requirements.


Detection capabilities

  • Exceptional Probability of Detection (PD)
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Non-obtrusive
  • Modular in height and length

Performance Features

  • Decorative and innocent looking
  • Minimum number of false alarms
  • No moving parts assures negligible false alarms

Easy & Affordable

  • Low maintenance
  • Low power consumption – ~2 W per 1 Km
  • Long life expectancy

How it works

The operating principal of the InnoFence is based on light transmission which is controlled inside a fiber optic cable. Any reduction in light transmission will generate a signal, which is evaluated by the processor, to decide upon generating an alarm. The fiber optic components are mounted within the top channel of the module’s frame (bottom channel on a wall mounted system). It is installed to detect the mechanical forces acting on the module during a forced entry through or over it. A special fence-mounted processor called a FOST (Fiber Optic System Transponder) receives and transmits light signals through the fibers in the fence modules, processes them and determines whether an alarm signal should be sent to the control system.