Magal’s premier security solution designed to protect water culverts of all sizes.

MagBar integrates a substantial grid of metal bars with embedded intrusion detection technology. This comprehensive security solution combines a physical barricade with advanced intrusion detection capabilities. MagBar installations are tailored to exact dimensions, available in electro-mechanical and electro-optical sensor variations. The system is resilient, enduring heavy water flows and maintaining a near zero false alarm rate even when submerged under water for extended periods.
Two versions of MagBar are available

CAST-MagBar uses an embedded electro-mechanical sensor which detects cutting and bending of the steel grid. It requires no power and provides a standard dry contact output.

OPTI-GRID-MagBar uses an electro-optical sensor which detects cutting and minor bending of the steel grid. It is connected to a communication processor and communicates through a standard dry contact output or through a long range RS-422 serial output.


Detection capabilities:

  • Operates as a physical barrier and detects cutting, bending or removing
  • Minimum number of false alarms
  • Opti-grid model offers adjustable sensitivity

Performance Features:

  • Can operate totally submerged in water for many years
  • Cleaning mechanism (optional)
  • Easily integrated with other systems

Easy & Affordable:

  • Zero to low power consumption -~0.1 W per unit
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Independent of all climatic conditions.

How it works

Intrusion attempts on the grid structure disturb the light pulse in the fiber optic cable or break the embedded electrical wire to generate an alarm.

MagBar can operate independently as a stand-alone system or be integrated into a wider PIDS (Perimeter Intrusion Detection System) solution. MagBar can report alarms via RS-422 communication or dry contact relay outputs.