Fiber Optic Distributed Acoustic Sensing System for Fence, Wall, and Buried Applications.

MAGSENSE D-30 is a fiber optic distributed acoustic sensing system that can be easily deployed in variant terrains. MagSense keeps your fences and borders safe and sends you early threat warnings.


Detection capabilities:

  • Detects and locates perimeter intrusions over distances of up to 60 km per processor.
  • Pinpoint intrusions to ±10m.
  • Flexible, software-based zoning
  • Fiber optic line can be monitored using GIS coordinates.

Performance Features:

  • Supports virtually all fence types. If sensor cable is cut, detection continues up to cut location.
  • Types and regions of threats can be defined along the desired regions of fiber cables.
  • Past threats can be accessed and analysed.
  • With CCTV integration, threat zones can locate and visually monitored.

Easy & Affordable:

  • Ease of use and installation
  • Compatible with previously deployed fiber cables and can have dedicated fiber cables.
  • No electricity or electronic devices needed along the protected area.
  • Dual application buried and fence mounted on same controller.

Laser pulses sent by a laser source travel the entire length of the fiber cable providing raw information. When the laser pulses return to the MAGSENSE, a computer software analyses them. Noises and unrelated data is eliminated through the software. Finally, MAGSENSE AI classifies the alarms. Actions that create vibration can be watched live on the system. Noisy areas can be isolated and deactivated at the request of an authorized user. All alarms received and reported are stored and can be exported. It is one of the proven early warning security systems. MAGSENSE detects third-party intervention, illegal crossing attempts and unauthorized excavations along a line spanning several kilometres to thousands of kilometres.