Idan Sharon-Kettler

Mr. Sharon-Kettler joined Magal in March 2022.
Prior to his time at Magal, Mr. Sharon-Kettler was a sr. group manager for RT Embedded software systems at Elbit Systems (NASDAQ:ESLT). Mr. Sharon-Kettler’s previous roles cover several software management positions in Elbit Systems, as well as acting as a software POC for safety and cyber boards, and taking part in many business related value teams and strategic processes.

He has also held various other software and management roles in different companies.
Mr. Sharon-Kettler brings passion to innovation and R&D with many years of experience in software and R&D management along international customers management, offshore management, teams, groups, and organization growth.
Mr. Sharon-Kettler holds a B.Sc. Computer Science from the Haifa University.