Tunnel Guard

Cutting-edge security solution for detecting tunnelling activities near critical infrastructures.

TunnelGuard is a covert system that employs seismic sensors, strategically buried near the walls or foundations, to detect and analyse vibrations caused by digging, drilling, scraping, and jackhammering.TunnelGuard’s advanced detection algorithms effectively filter out non-threatening vibrations, such as those from nearby traffic or subways, ensuring a low false alarm rate and high reliability.

TunnelGuard installations are versatile and can be tailored to various site conditions, making it an ideal choice for securing bank vaults, prisons, museums, and other sensitive locations. The system’s robust design allows it to function efficiently in diverse soil types and environmental conditions, providing continuous protection.


Detection capabilities

  • Sensitive to digging, drilling, scraping, jackhammering, etc.
  • Filters out city noise (cars, etc.)
  • Flexible integration to alarm panels through software or dry contacts

Performance Features

  • Very low False / Nuisance Alarm Rate (FAR / NAR)
  • Sophisticated algorithms enable very high probability of detection (Pd)
  • Easy to install around any building or asset

Easy & Affordable

  • Low power consumption
  • Cost efficient & easy to install
  • Low maintenance product

How it works

The core of the protection system is the TunnelGuard Sensor Unit (TGSU), which consists of a digital signal processor connected to four geophones by shielded cables. The digital signal processor is housed in an IP66 water proof enclosure that can be installed near the protected structure. The geophones are designed to be installed in variety types of soils.